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All classes taught by proven fitness-industry successes.

The Online Education You Need

  • Understand the aspects of your profession that they didn't teach you in teacher training - things like technology, social media and finance.

  • Unlock opportunity to launch, grow, and elevate the fitness career of your dreams.

  • Learn to build your personal brand and create financial independence and wealth by getting more people active, healthy, and fit.

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Six Training Tracks

Take the courses you need when you need them.

My Mindset

The entrepreneurial mindset-overcoming limitations, navigating change, building relationships, and developing emotional intelligence.

My Brand

Defining who you are and what you do, marketing on multiple channels, mastering social media, getting seen by your target audience, refining your brand voice, clarifying your vision.

My Audience

Best practices for providing excellent client experiences, how to manifest your vision as a fit pro, optimal member retention and effective loyalty programming.

My Tech

The technology, equipment, and tech skills you need to deliver livestreamed and on-demand sessions - and how to to up your tech game as you build your audience.

My Business

Protecting yourself, your brand, and your future with the best legal, insurance, and business practices. Developing the partnerships and strategies you need to thrive.

My Money

Making sales, setting prices, making budgets, meeting goals, developing multiple revenue streams and generating wealth.

"I'm more than thrilled about MyFitPod Academy's mission to educate and empower professional teachers like me, because I want to share with others the satisfaction that comes from manifesting a vision of independence - where you make and teach programs that you believe in, directly to people who need it, and whose lives are transformed by it."
James Brown
MyFitPod Academy Content Development Manager

The Online Education You Need

Join our movement - a growing community of success-driven fitness professionals who are benefiting from MyFitPod Academy's opportunities to...

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Experience Flexibility

within a structured approach to online education as you plan your learning around your life and your needs


Develop Competencies

that you need to unlock your potential.


Learn from the Pros

who have their own success stories of independence in the fitness industry.

Take the Leap into the future of fitness and let MyFitPod Academy help you maximize your potential!

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