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Have you been thinking about launching your independent fitness business?

We've got you covered! In fact, in just three weeks, we guarantee liftoff!

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The Launch Accelerator Course

Your Gateway to Fitness Independence

Here's what to expect:

- Week 1: Set up your sessions and memberships.

- Week 2: Create your website and master social media.

- Week 3: Sell your sessions and blast off into career independence!

During the course, you'll participate in three one-hour live-streamed sessions per week. And we get it, you're busy. That's why they will be saved for on-demand viewing later. So not matter your schedule, we can help you find time to make it work for you! Launching your independent fitness career doesn't have to be overwhelming or hard. Trust us... we'll guide you every step of the way!

Launch Accelerator


Design and publish your own personal website in minutes with our foolproof template. 


We've got you covered! Let us walk you through every step from start to finish.


With pro advice and a customizable social media kit .


Plan, market and sell your first session packages with our expert help.


Stay connected to other pros who are going through the process with you.


Define and broadcast your brand so that you build a community of loyal followers.


Preview a Session

Watch a few moments from a live session: Chief Operating Officer Rodney Morris presenting his immersion on community building.

All live sessions in the training are recorded, like this one, and uploaded for you to review or to catch up on if you couldn't make the session.

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What I'm simply trying to do is inspire those that used to be like me, those that used to feel that they didn't have anywhere to go, or any chance left at life, to say, “Hey I can get off this couch and get back on track.” MyFitPod has renewed my excitement for that. This is a blessing that I'm excited to share.
Sarang Douglas
Fluffy N Fitness
MyFitPod actually asked me, “Hey, Kev, what do you want? Where do you want to be? Where do you see yourself?” They really care about what I want. And they help me do what I’m trying to do, but better. That’s major.
kevfit post
Kevin Morris
Founder of KevFit Inc
Working with MyFitPod has given me the space to focus on what I enjoy doing- teaching and sharing wellness with other people. I was tired of running around teaching 15-25 classes a week to pay the bills, but now I feel like I'm excited again.
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721 Yoga