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Building a Dream Team

With Kevin Morris, KevFit Inc

Kevin is a great trainer. But he's not a great marketer, social media strategist, systems & processes specialist and all the other hats he has to wear beyond "personal trainer". Our guess is this is a lot of your audience too. Kevin is open to be a guest on how he built his own personal advisory board, finding the right team who could hold his hand in building the KevFit brand to attract his perfect clients.

Kevin Morris

Shaking up the Fitness Industry

With Maria Turco

Successful disruptors break old models and build better ones that benefit people. Maria Turco has served as a fitness industry expert, consultant, turn-around specialist, speaker and yogi for over 20 years. Maria discovered that the true path to success is to help others achieve their greatest potential. Her most recent disruptor in the fitness industry? Co-founding MyFitPod and Salubrity to unlock all fitness professional's' ability and potential to deliver and monetize their services in an omnichannel way without relying on a gym or studio.

Maria Turco

Changing the Tone From the Top: Why Your Focus on DEI Will Determine Your Success

With Rodney Morris

Rodney has seen countless talented professionals of color get passed over for opportunities. This inspired him to support fitness businesses in developing their workplace culture. During this conversation, your audience will leave with an understanding of how they can accommodate and advance colleagues and clients from diverse backgrounds, without being afraid to lead the change.


Our Company

About MyFitPod™

Our Mission

To provide technology, educational, and empowerment tools to help launch grow and elevate the full potential of independent fitness professionals

Our Vision

MyFitPod is an empowerment brand that aims to support independent fitness professionals to launch, grow, and elevate their fitness business so that they can create financial independence and wealth by getting more people active, healthy, and fit. We do that by providing an omni-channel SaaS technology, online marketplace, and a business academy that connects success-driven fitpros with their clients to create memorable workout experiences, build community, and reach their limitless potential.

About MyFitPod™ Academy

MyFitPod™ Academy is an online, multi-tiered educational solution for fitness professionals to elevate their knowledge and gain the tool they need to unlock their potential as omni-experience content providers.

The MyFitPod™ Academy is made up of six academy tracks: My Mindset, My Brand, My Audience, My Tech, My Business, and My Money. Each track has multiple courses for fitness professionals based on where they are in their development phase: launch, grow or elevate.

Our Terminology


Professional users on the MyFitPod platform. Typically, Fitness professionals who have group and private services offered through the MyFitPod platform.


Students on our platform who take class with PodPros. Consumers.


PodPro’s community or MyFitPod™-hosted business.
Salubrity would be considered a Pod, where PodPros can host in-person events and rent out space.

MyFitPod™ Academy:

Learning and support portal for PodPros.


PodPro Offerings


Any event that is added to MyFitPod to perform a service. Can include private and group classes, workshops, trainings, etc.


A session that is delivered and experienced virtually and in real-time between PodPro and Podder.

Livestream Replay:

A readily available recording of a livestream session after it finished broadcasting.


A session that is delivered and experienced in real life, at a specified location.


A session or group of sessions that is pre-recorded and experienced at any time the Podder wishes to access it.




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